A - 2/28 - Experts picture

Real Estate Experts

The Minnesota Team is made up of highly experienced, multidisciplinary professionals who apply their high-level real estate knowledge to a wide range of transactions. The team has methodically built and developed a powerhouse real estate practice that sits prominently within Coldwell Banker Realty, and the market at large.

C - 2/25 - Resources picture


Utilizing unprecedented resources, we will craft a unique and winning strategy to sell your real estate. While other firms may tout V.I.P. services, they often rely on reshuffled and antiquated pen-and-paper tactics. We go far beyond these conventions, by custom-tailoring our marketing programs through proprietary statistical models that have proven results.

C2 - 2/23 - Cost picture


Industries change. Markets evolve. Great companies innovate. Real estate should be no exception. Yet, the traditional commission construct has not evolved in decades, and we know you've noticed. When you're ready, let's talk about our unbeatable listing costs coupled with white glove client service.

D - 2/22 - Marketing picture


It's not just about Google, Facebook and Amazon, it's about driving outcomes, and finding the buying audience wherever they are in the digital landscape. We have no set marketing agenda. Every property is assessed, and a customized road map is created with accountability and deliverables tied to a specific timeline. Our goal, from presentation to target marketing, is to elevate each property above others for sale in the area and beyond.

D1 - 2/21 - NONMLS picture


NONMLS.com is our proprietary listing engine consisting of a single-entry no-code content hub, systematically distributing property listings through a calculated multichannel sequence to a perpetually expanding network. The platform integrates with cutting-edge MarTech methods, leveraging individual browsing patterns to effectively engage the most qualified prospects for a property across a diverse range of marketing platforms. These platforms include search engines, custom websites, email campaigns, content marketing, mobile applications, banner ads, and online classifieds. Property listings reach over one million potential consumers within one week of being listed - ensuring swift exposure and maximizing the chances of attracting interest. Our Private Market offers sellers a discreet option - Listings and sales can stay anonymous, reaching our exclusive network of individuals. These individuals, either directly or indirectly connected, are actively seeking prime real estate opportunities.

E - 2/20 - Email picture


Amazon SES is a cloud-based email service provider for high volume email automation. With the ability to send hundreds of billions of emails annually, Amazon stands out as the preferred choice for executing email deliverability. Amazon SES powers our sophisticated and proprietary email delivery method with configurations capable of sending over 24+ emails a second. Through a blend of listings, surveys, dynamic ads, and feedback initiatives, we propel listings to the inbox, captivating audiences far and wide.

F - 2/18 - Touchpoints picture


Real estate today lives online, introduced to consumers at various touchpoints. We've perfected the art of seamlessly showcasing your listing through a meticulously crafted, multi-channel network of diverse touchpoints. ‎Leveraging numerous memberships and subscriptions, your listing will be syndicated to more than 600+ public and private touchpoints, ensuring monumental online visibility, reaching both local and global audiences. In addition, our own proprietary network of 300+ touchpoints deliver unparalleled online exposure and engagement - here are several: ‎

1MW.com, NONMLS.com, MinnesotaTeam.com, MikeWilen.com, EaganCondos.com, MinnesotaRealEstateOffice.com, FloridaRealtyOffice.com, MinnesotaRealtyOffice.com, MNRealEstateOffice.com, MNRealtyOffice.com, LakevilleHouses.com, MinnesotaHomesRealEstate.com, WilenTeam.com, ShakopeeHouses.com, MinnetristaHomes.com, LakeMinnetonkaTownHomes.com, MaplePlainRealEstate.com, MikeWilenRealEstate.com, ILRET.com, IllinoisTeam.com, ChicagoRealtyCapital.com, ChicagoRealtyOffice.com, NewYorkRealtyOffice.com, TexasRealtyOffice.com, MinnesotaForeclosures.com, SpringLakeParkHomes.com, GoldenValleyTownHomes.com, SaintPaulForeclosures.com, MinneapolisNorthloop.com, LakeMinnetonkaGroup.com, LakeMinnetonkaHouses.com, BlaineCondos.com, LakeMinnetonkaRentals.com, BloomingtonTownHomes.com, BurnsvilleCondos.com, BurnsvilleHouses.com, RichfieldTownHomes.com, SaintAnthonyHomes.com, SaintLouisParkHouses.com, BurnsvilleTownHomes.com, DeephavenHomes.com

F1 - 2/17 - Algorithm picture


The forces shaping real estate marketing strategy revolve around harnessing the power of data, how to read the data, and AI technologies for quickly adapting to the evolving landscape of advertising and buyer behavior.

This is a MarTech stack:

Infrastructure: Store, manage, and analyze data effectively. This allows for real-time insights on what marketing campaigns work well.

Identity: Target individual customers across various touchpoints, for example: When you look at a product online, and receive an ad for a similar product moments later.

Analytics: Advanced analytics tools to derive actionable insights to optimize buyer marketing campaigns.

Enrichment: Enriched data enables more accurate targeting and segmentation.

Activation: Deliver personalized real estate listings and content.

Platforms: Invest in platforms offering the best reach and targeting capabilities.

Measurement: Accurately measure campaign performance on buyer conversion.

Modeling: Derive insights from the data.

Intelligence: Glean actionable insights for new campaigns.

AI: AI-powered tools to handle tasks and content creation instantly.

Repeat: Target new consumers who have entered the stack.

G - 2/16 - SEO picture


‎Utilizing a series of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, we guarantee high search result rankings to keep your property front of mind. ‎Our dedicated efforts secure top Google rankings, enhancing visibility amidst the millions searching for real estate online daily. In addition, skilled web designers and developers create captivating, user-friendly media showcasing your property’s assets.

H - 2/14 - Global Teams picture

Global Teams

Our two global teams are highly experienced data and website professionals responsible for continuously monitoring all property marketing and syndication activities 24/7. Global teams collaborate seamlessly with AI systems to meticulously oversee ad impressions, property clicks, search results, and buyer conversions for our listings.‎

In addition, your listing will be syndicated to these international touchpoints: Rightmove/UK, Zoopla/UK, Domain/Australia, Juwai/China, PropGOLuxury/International, 99acres/India, Magicbricks/India, Lamudi/International, and PropertyFinder/Middle East.


I - 2/12 - 1Megawatt picture


1Megawatt (1mw.com) is our in-house marketing and advertising group. We've integrated the strategic marketing expertise of an ad agency with the practical execution capabilities of a real estate group. With creative and production happening in-house and in parallel, we conceptualize, iterate, test, and deliver work more responsively and more effectively through rapid deployment and a continuous revision process. We do this partially because it’s just a more sensible way to market real estate, where speed and flexibility are essential. But mostly, we just enjoy being the kind of people who can solve problems firsthand. Additionally, it enables us to invest more time, energy, and capital in making the experience of selling a property unique and refreshing.

J - 2/10 - Presentation picture


Experience next level presentation, communicating value and desire. Exclusive listings are photographed by a select group of elite photographers that specialize in captivating imagery - Editing professionals then implement advanced HDR techniques. From captivating property videos to immersive walkthroughs and stunning aerial cinematography, worldwide buyers have the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of your property's assets.

Web tours are not only immersive but also provide detailed analytics, empowering sellers with valuable insights into metrics such as page traffic, engagement, and average demographics. Print ads include the world's highest quality glossy publications.

L - 2/6 - Development picture


If you’re building, planning, or developing it we have the tech tools and talent to sell it. We work exhaustively to understand your destination and what makes it unique. Recognizing the developer is just as crucial as the project itself, we strategically engage with media across all platforms, crafting a compelling narrative that highlights the unique opportunities presented by the project and builder / developer.

M - 2/4 - Global Luxury picture

Global Luxury

A pinnacle property demands a service level that matches or surpasses the financial investment. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is a curated collection of the most exceptional properties, each marketed to the specific needs of that particular home or development site.‎ When clients market and sell their luxury residence with us, they receive an unparalleled level of service that cannot be replicated by conventional firms.‎ The Global Luxury network provides access to over 100,000 independent sales associates across more than 2,700 offices worldwide.

N - 2/2 - Mike Wilen picture

Mike Wilen

Licensed Real Estate Broker Associate




"Find out information first, and then communicate it. Stay on top of the market and be service-oriented. Get there first and take care of your client's needs to achieve their goals. Be professional and operate with integrity. Find a challenge. Create a good, efficient and cost-effective solution. Repeat.”

Started as a receptionist and swiftly rose to become #2 in listings sold and one of Minnesota's top-performing individual agents.

Over 700+ properties sold representing the seller.

Co-founded MinnesotaTeam.com.

Large group speaking engagements on real estate sales.

Collaborated closely with renowned real estate owners and developers.

Minnesota Homeownership Center contributor.

Coldwell Banker President's Club

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

Twin Cities Business Super Real Estate Agent 6 consecutive years.

Development / Land / Build

Negotiated easements for utilities at a city level.

Sales and marketing, 30+ unit conversion development in Minneapolis.

Sales and marketing, 400+ acre project in Southern MN.

Sales and marketing, 54+ unit project in Eden Prairie.

Sales and marketing, 20+ unit development in Western MN.

Sales and marketing, 100-acre land reconfiguration in Southern MN.

Sales and marketing, 130-unit condo conversion in Minnetonka.

Negotiated a large-scale development in Wright County at a city level.

Successful turnaround of a single-family development achieving sell-out.

Marketing & Technology

‎Building large-scale real estate websites with cutting-edge technologies.

Elevated the digital presence of several startup ventures.

Brokered over 3,000 .com's with notable transactions through Escrow.com.

Developed over 8 React/NextJS real estate websites.

Implemented artificial intelligence for predictive analytics.

Created 13 websites for top-producing brokers.

Started 1Megawatt (1MW.com) in-house marketing and advertising group.

Developed NONMLS.com a single-entry, no-code content hub, built on Amazon web servers with MarTech integration.

Implementation of sophisticated UTM parameters, website analytics, email marketing, CRM systems, and cloud networks.

Lender Owned

Established partnerships with over 35+ of the largest and most sophisticated lenders in the market.

300+ listings sold for lenders.

1,000+ properties managed through eviction.

10,000+ portfolio valuations.

Developed MinnesotaForeclosures.com for managing foreclosure real estate.

Assembled an international team capable of completing 90+ highly accurate property valuations daily.

Developed proprietary techniques for calculating loss severity percentages on lender loan pools integrating loan processes, delinquency rates, crime statistics, sale timeframes, average property prices, market conditions, and Broker Price Opinions - benefiting investors, and meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Finance Highly experienced across the entire capital spectrum of real estate finance, including: conventional, FHA, USDA, corporate term loans, revolving credit, rehab, mezzanine, short-term bridge financing, credit lines, and balloon payment CDs.


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